Eva Treadway

The most important concept of this magazine is to find the athletes that are up and coming to the sports scene. I am often looking for reports on who is making waves and through the association of a long time friend I found exactly what I often look for. Her name is Eva Treadway and she is beginning to raise some noise in ... More

Madison Haltom

There are very few young people that can just off the cuff tell you what they would like to do in life as far as a career or occupation is concerned. This holds true in the world of athletics because no one can foresee or anticipate what will happen in the early years that may influence their decisions. This is certainly ... More

Natalie Hamilton

One of the spotlight players for this edition is Natalie Hamilton from Arkansas High School. Natalie is a multi talented athlete that has amassed a tremendous amount of success. Natalie started four years for the Lady Backs in softball, three years in tennis, earning the MVP distinction in 2014 in tennis and 2015 in ... More

Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend

Ask any man, married or single, what catches a woman’s eye quicker than anything, and the number one answer is likely to be a diamond. Yet they are expensive and rightly so, because mining for diamonds is tough. Inquire of any prospector that has ever ravaged the earth looking for one, or even any weekend prospector that ... More