Dane Pevay

One of the pleasures in writing for a competitive sports magazine is the chance to write about the sons and daughters of friends or former team mates. To see the “full circle” in a generation is for sure uplifting and special. Back in the middle 70’s I became associated with the Pevay family from both sides. Joey ... More

Eva Treadway

The most important concept of this magazine is to find the athletes that are up and coming to the sports scene. I am often looking for reports on who is making waves and through the association of a long time friend I found exactly what I often look for. Her name is Eva Treadway and she is beginning to raise some noise in ... More

2016 Live United Bowl Results

The Live United Texarkana Bowl is a college football bowl game played annually in Texarkana, Arkansas between teams from NCAA Division II.  It is one of only three NCAA Division II sanctioned bowl games, the other two are the Mineral Water Bowl and the C.H.A.M.P.S., Heart of Texas Bowl.  Profits from the game are donated ... More

Pleasant Grove Cheer Team

The Pleasant Grove ISD Cheer Team competed for the state title finishing runner-up in the team division.  There were 74 teams in the division with the PG girls losing by only .5 points in the finals.  Congratulations to the Ladies of PG for their wonderful achievement. More

Robert Brunet

It has always been my desire and hope to offer you a positive publication that could add to your well being and spirit of life. I have certainly realized that if you put your heart, mind, intellect and even your soul to your smallest acts, you can discover this beautiful secret of success no matter what you are involved ... More

Teeing Off in Texarkana

I want to open this article with a big hello to all my friends and family in Texarkana, I truly miss everyone there so much. I had the pleasure of coming to Texarkana a total stranger and doing the best I could to work my way into the heart and culture of this great city. When I first came to Texarkana I pulled up on ... More

Madison Haltom

There are very few young people that can just off the cuff tell you what they would like to do in life as far as a career or occupation is concerned. This holds true in the world of athletics because no one can foresee or anticipate what will happen in the early years that may influence their decisions. This is certainly ... More

Mike Abraham

The Competitive Edge Magazine would like to introduce you to a gentleman that has a talent to teach golfers how to swing the club properly. He has obtained all the new technology that will give you instant feed back on what is going on with your swing. His name is Mike Abraham and he is the current director of Instruction ... More

Tyler Braswell

I was playing golf not too long ago and a conversation came up about The Competitive Edge Magazine. I was ask what the magazine was all about and I began to discuss how important I thought competition was in a persons life. I noticed a gentleman was listening to what I was saying, so after I got pretty deep in the ... More

Hillary Fowler

In the last issue of The competitive Edge Magazine I outlined some of the things that you could do as a parent to increase the chances of obtaining an athletic scholarship to a college or university. With the cost of education going higher and higher, and the arduous task of paying off student loans, obtaining a scholars... More