About Us

The first issue of The Competitive Edge Magazine was published in East Texas in 2o14. It was very exciting to see the reaction displayed as we delivered the first issues to the businesses and schools. This very positive reaction has given us the courage to begin expanding our coverage area. We are dedicated to the focus on positive and uplifting stories in the field of competition. Our coverage is centered around anything competitive be it athletics or business or even family issues.

We use high quality, glossy, full color pages to create the best magazine possible distributed on an average of every 35 to 45 days. Currently, we focus on theEast Texas and Southwest Arkansas areas.

Along with our magazine we are working to build a Social media network of both Web and radio applications.

It is known that high school sports in East Texas and South Arkansas is a very important part of the lives of its citizens. Across the nation more than seven million students participated in organized high school sports last year, and that number is certainly increasing,

The Competitive Edge Magazine is a perfect fit for a company desiring to increase product visibility within our markets, as both adults and students of all ages enjoy the photos and stories.
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