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Well my friends the train has left the station again for another thrilling year of high school sports. Judging by the parking lot talk I am expecting some really great things to happen this year for a number of our schools that we cover. Liberty Eylau has began its season with two giant teams in Gilmer and Carthage. The fact that both these teams are on this years preseason schedule only shows the confidence that coach Steve Wells has in his Leopards. Playing great teams in preseason will only strengthen your teams mental condition as long as you don’t suffer critical injuries. Playing great teams will show you what you lack and will make you better in the stretch. You are going to be playing this caliber of team in the play-offs anyway. The Leopards opened up their season with tradition rich Gilmer that is ranked 46 in the state of Texas and 357 in the nation. The Leopards fought hard but ended up short with 61-55 defeat. They then took on the, also tradition rich, Carthage Bulldogs who were ranked 67 in the state and 548 in the nation. These numbers seem to be quite high but when compared to Liberty Eylau they show to be much better. LE is ranked 195 in the state with an national ranking of 1651, The rankings throughout the year will change and you can keep up with them on www.maxprep.com.
Texas High School has made a good start by defeating Bishop Lynch, from Dallas, Texas and Arkansas High School in the annual Arkansas Texas Shootout. The Tigers defeated the Friars 44-21, and the Arkansas Razorbacks, 37-7. The Tigers have a state ranking of 191 and a national ranking of 1610.
The Pleasant Grove Hawks were defeated by the Paris Wildcats 23-22 in a heart-breaker and at this time will meet the Razorbacks of Arkansas for their second game on Friday Sept. 9. The Hawks are ranked 405 in the state of Texas and 3752 in the State.
Arkansas High School began its season with a 28-21 win over the Hope Bobcats and then lost its second game against Texas High. They will play Pleasant Grove as mentioned above. The Razorbacks are ranked 79 in the State of Arkansas and 6597 in the Nation.
It is going to be an interesting year because of the rebuilding that is going on in the districts. This only makes it difficult to predict the outcomes.
In the volleyball results you find the Pleasant Grove Hawks doing what they do best and that is winning. They have, at this writing, defeated 14 teams with no games lost. They lost 2-1 to a seasoned North Lamar team and then ran off 4 more wins before losing three in a row. Losses came to Robert Lee (Tyler), Tyler Lee and Gilmer. At this time they are ranked 112 in the State of Texas and 352 in the Nation.
I want to encourage you to go out and make a game or two. The athletes really enjoy seeing you in the stands. Football and Volleyball is always exciting and watching the Band and the cheerleaders do their thing is also quite entertaining. I have always loved a great halftime show. I like the show style as well as the military style marching. I have always been a music fan and ever-time I get up in the morning I find my self wishing that I had been a member of the marching band. The separated shoulders and the banged up knees and elbows really talk to me, saying very bad things, when I try to walk. Music is a life time activity that can be enjoyed for many years.
I am always looking for stories of success and special interest so if you happen to know of someone that exemplifies “The Competitive Edge”, please give me a call or email me at magicrog19@yahoo.com. I will come and interview them and “tell their story”.
I sincerely hope your school year is beginning great and look forward to hearing from you.

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