Shelby’s Story

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a young lady that wanted to come by and discuss a project she was compassionate about. As someone that is always interested in the passion of uplifting people I was happy to see what she had going on. The beautiful young lady was Shelby Dunphy-Day and she was excited and over-flowing with what she was selling. After a moment of introduction I became aware of her passion with animals and the local animal shelter. She displayed adult like qualities as she laid out her plans to fix what she considered a deficiency.
Shelby is a 6th grade student at College Hill Middle School Academy of design. She attends leadership conferences where she participates in planning for environmental and spatial technology projects. These projects are intended to help the community in various ways. With her passion for animals, Shelby quickly decided to apply her efforts to the Texarkana animal shelter. Shelby sites her own experience in rescuing two pets Fable and Tiger. She laughed as she described her cat Fable. Fable is four years-old and completely acts like a dog. She describes Tiger as her “fat cat.”

Shelby is the president of the student council at College Hill and is active in both soccer and tennis. She also participates in the P.R.I.D.E (Personal Responsibility in Daily Efforts). This program is sponsored by the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department as an outreach program.2f1745_cf0e44c7c3f94824a6c7aa91f6bdc26a
In her quest to mount support Shelby made many visits to city leaders in Texarkana to deliver her message. She also took care of the logistics of the race by creating maps of the race routs and gained approval for her Fun Run and 5K event from both Texarkana, Texas and Arkansas. She also enlisted help in creating a website for the event along with a blog site to answer questions and seek sponsorships. She was successful in registering the race under the 501c(3) umbrella of Hands On Texarkana, so donations are tax deductible. Shelby has coordinated with local advertising mediums so that numerous articles have been published in the Texarkana Gazette, an article was written in the ALT Magazine, and a float in the Texarkana Christmas Parade. She has interviewed on most radio stations and news outlets to spread the word about this event of which she is so passionate.

In viewing Shelby’s media sites you can also see that she has an interest in painting. It is not surprising that most of her paintings include cats.

The Six Leg Fun Run and 5K event will also include two races, a pet contest and promote animal adoption. Vendors will be present offering items to purchase. Pet Photographers will also be on hand to showcase the event.

One feature of the race is that you can make the run with your pet. The one mile fun run is set up especially for the dual participation.

The inaugural race was held on January 31, 2016. The race started at 2:00 because of the likely hood for less traffic interference. There was a “two-legged and four-legged” awards for both races, as well as awards given in the pet contest.

All of the proceeds of the event was donated to the Texarkana Animal Care and Adoption Center,
The Competitive Edge Magazine would like to thank Shelby for her efforts in creating such a remarkable event to support the care of animals in the Texarkana area, Her efforts show young people that you don’t have to be an adult to make a difference in the community. For more information on the results you can like the Facebook page. Sixlegfunrun, follow on instagram, or visit the official website at

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