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November 1, 2015…..  I had just been reminded by my fellow Sunday School teacher to use each day to express “thanks” to the Lord each day for something specific beginning November 1 up until Thanksgiving Day.  Along with this challenge he had made to the Young Couples class, that we team teach, it gave me an idea as well.   I was prompted to pay tribute to 25 men who had made an impact upon my life.  I made a commitment to either call, write, text, personally visit, or write a memorial tribute on a social media network of these 25 men.  I came up with my Top 25 since Thanksgiving Day lands on November 26.  As I did this, it brought back many great memories of how these men had affected my life.   As I stepped back and looked at the lives of these men I put one or two words down to describe them.  In reading thru those 25 names and the image that came to my mind for each man ….. I was amazed that, for almost all 25, the word competitor seemed to surface !

These men had just exactly what this magazine has for a title.  Each of them had that competitive edge to be successful in the career they chose, the family they led, and the faith they pursued.   In this group were school administrators, coaches, educators, 4 business owners, 3 pastors,  2 insurance agents,  2 government employees, a lawyer, a plant employee and 1 career  military man.  Of these 25 men, all 25 of them competed in athletics in high school while 8 of them also competed at the collegiate level as well in one sport.  Several played more than one sport in college.  Additionally none of these men were born with “a silver spoon” in their mouth.  There was one that only completed the 9th grade, another who grew up without electricity in his home, another who had only one arm, several who paid for their own college expenses, and several who started with practically nothing and built their own private business into a financial success.

As I looked at each of their lives there were three things that each possessed without fail.  (1) Each man had a joyful, positive attitude  (2) Each man was committed to and had a deep love for their families (3) Each man had a deep faith & love for the Lord Jesus Christ.

The definition I find of a competitor is “someone who is trying to win or do better than others especially in business or sports.”  These 25 men I have described above were/are definitely competitors….. they do it better than others because of their attitude, commitment, and the deep faith along with a servant’s attitude.  This is what I see as a competitive edge in the people that have had the most impact in my life.

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