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2016 Live United Bowl Results

The Live United Texarkana Bowl is a college football bowl game played annually in Texarkana, Arkansas between teams from NCAA Division II.  It is one of only three NCAA Division II sanctioned bowl games, the other two are the Mineral Water Bowl and the C.H.A.M.P.S., Heart of Texas Bowl.  Profits from the game are donated to the United Way of Greater ... More

Why it takes special players to win under stress

By Roger Sheppard   Why do some players get it and yet others do not?  What is it about history that many just don’t understand?  I was watching the Cincinnati Bengals play the Pittsburgh Steelers the other night in a wild card playoff game and was reminded of why you don’t trust players that will not understand the importance of staying ... More

Pleasant Grove Cheer Team

The Pleasant Grove ISD Cheer Team competed for the state title finishing runner-up in the team division.  There were 74 teams in the division with the PG girls losing by only .5 points in the finals.  Congratulations to the Ladies of PG for their wonderful achievement. More

Shelby’s Story

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a young lady that wanted to come by and discuss a project she was compassionate about. As someone that is always interested in the passion of uplifting people I was happy to see what she had going on. The beautiful young lady was Shelby Dunphy-Day and she was excited and over-flowing with what she was selling. After a ... More

Coaches Outreach

November 1, 2015…..  I had just been reminded by my fellow Sunday School teacher to use each day to express “thanks” to the Lord each day for something specific beginning November 1 up until Thanksgiving Day.  Along with this challenge he had made to the Young Couples class, that we team teach, it gave me an idea as well.   I was prompted to pay ... More

Randy Harville

The similarity between grief at loss of body part and grief caused by the death of a loved person has been clearly shown in comparative studies of the reaction to amputation of a limb and of widowhood.  People with either of these losses were preoccupied with feelings of loss: bereaved people were missing the lost person and the amputees were missing the ... More