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Sidney the Jet

Again one of the neat things about publishing a sports magazine is the people you find to be noteworthy because of extrodianry achievement. I received a call from a person in New Boston, Texas telling me about a visit he received from an old class mate indicating that he was writing a book. His explination to me was that this person was at one time a ... More

Coach Cotton Staten

In every athlete’s life there are certain role models that create the pattern of what you would love to become as a person. I was a junior high “knot head” in the late 60’s admiring the “Big Boys” as they played sports. I decided very early that this was the lifestyle for me. Living and growing up in Hooks, Texas worked out to be perfect for ... More

Chris Rudiger

By Cassie Logan | @c4ssielogan UT Arlington volleyball alumna Chris Rudiger was raised in a competitive family. Her grandparents never let the kids just win. They first needed to learn how. That’s the goal for any athlete – to win. It’s embedded into their minds at a young age and anything less is never accepted. Rudiger learned early in life ... More

Robert Brunet

It has always been my desire and hope to offer you a positive publication that could add to your well being and spirit of life. I have certainly realized that if you put your heart, mind, intellect and even your soul to your smallest acts, you can discover this beautiful secret of success no matter what you are involved in. Being connected to a group of ... More

Coaches Outreach

“After we solidify our position for the playoffs, I am confident that our team will make a deep “run” in the playoffs” . . . this was a quote I overheard one of our fans say about our local high school football team. I could get excited about that as the playoffs are a great time for not only a team, players and coaches but also a great experience ... More