Tyler Braswell

I was playing golf not too long ago and a conversation came up about The Competitive Edge Magazine. I was ask what the magazine was all about and I began to discuss how important I thought competition was in a persons life. I noticed a gentleman was listening to what I was saying, so after I got pretty deep in the conversation he finally let me know why he was so interested. He began to light up as he told me a story about his son that ran track for Arkansas High School. You could tell that he was really proud of his son and so I decided to pay full attention to what he was saying. The person I was talking to was Andy Braswell and the subject of the conversation was his son, Tyler. Tyler has quite a lengthly sheet of accomplishments when it comes to competitive track. In 2015 he was selected to the All State Team in Arkansas as well as the 2015 All Arkansas Preps Boys State Track team. Tyler was also honored by receiving the 2015 Bill Hollingsworth Award at the Arkansas High sports banquet. In viewing Tyler’s personal records you discover why he was given these awards. In the 1600 meters he recorded a best time of 4:30.29. In the 800 he posted a 1:59.21, 10:21.39 in the 3200 meter and a blazing 8:23.20 as a member of the 3200 Relay. He also contributed a 0:51.8 in the 4X400 Relay.

Tyler began his winning ways early in his high school career. In the 9th grade he had 1 first place finish in cross country and one second place finish along with placing third in the Arkansas Boys 6A state cross country meet. It was held at the Oaklawn Downs track in Hot Springs. In the Spring of 2014 Tyler placed first six times. He finished first at the 6A Sough conference track meet and first at the 6A Arkansas state track meet. In the 10th grade he was active in cross country finishing third at the state meet and in the spring 2015 he had seven first place finishes in the 1600M which included first place at the 6A south conference track meet.

We congratulate Tyler for his devotion the track and for have the competitive will to accomplish so much in his track career. We are also exciting to have Tyler in our magazine and look forward to seeing what happens next.

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