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Madison Haltom

There are very few young people that can just off the cuff tell you what they would like to do in life as far as a career or occupation is concerned. This holds true in the world of athletics because no one can foresee or anticipate what will happen in the early years that may influence their decisions. This is certainly no indication of a weakness or ... More

Mike Abraham

The Competitive Edge Magazine would like to introduce you to a gentleman that has a talent to teach golfers how to swing the club properly. He has obtained all the new technology that will give you instant feed back on what is going on with your swing. His name is Mike Abraham and he is the current director of Instruction at Northridge Country Club and PGA ... More

Tyler Braswell

I was playing golf not too long ago and a conversation came up about The Competitive Edge Magazine. I was ask what the magazine was all about and I began to discuss how important I thought competition was in a persons life. I noticed a gentleman was listening to what I was saying, so after I got pretty deep in the conversation he finally let me know why ... More

Hillary Fowler

In the last issue of The competitive Edge Magazine I outlined some of the things that you could do as a parent to increase the chances of obtaining an athletic scholarship to a college or university. With the cost of education going higher and higher, and the arduous task of paying off student loans, obtaining a scholarship is becoming more and more of an ... More

Jefferson High Summer Practice

Do you remember when you were in elementary school and on the first day back your teachers would ask you about your summer vacation? In second grade you may have written in your writing journal about something exciting you did over the break. You probably wrote about things like visiting your grandparents or going to an amusement park. Fast forward to high ... More

Ed Hargett

By Roger Sheppard I am excited to bring you a story about a true hero in my eyes. There were several heroes in my life growing up in Hooks, Texas and most all of them included sports figures. My dad was an avid football fan and would take my brother Robert and I to a Hooks Hornet football game nearly every Friday night. I was in the 7th grade when we made ... More

Coaches Outreach

By Dennis Rivers, East Texas Field Representative Growing up as a young aspiring athlete in the early 1960’s nothing had a greater impression upon me than the coaches for whom I played. Before I ever reached the high school level, within the Hooks school system, I knew in my heart what I wanted to be when I grew up….. a high school coach. I can still ... More